About Us

Victor Weijnberg, a Dutchman and founder of Unicorn who expired in 1989. He was mythical creating character from boyhood and that led him to render his self-homage among poors after his academics.

Victor, while was 35 years old, a new vision accrued within him to be an entrepreneur with business mission. He then floated Unicorn BV. in the Netherlands in 1951 and did not turn back at anytime. His successive developments and examples from the inception of his business are exhaustive and evidenced in many areas and sectors both at home and abroad. 

Victor appeared in Bangladesh during 1960s (then East Pakistan) and started to export Jute & Jute products among European countries. Subsequently, while Bangladesh got liberated in 1971 from Pakistani raiders, Victor immediately opened a daughter company in the name Unicorn Bangladesh Limited in 1972.

Among first EU countries while Bangladesh was recognized by the Netherlands, Victor could manage timely advantage and visited the Great man Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, achieved his personal letter addressed to the Government of the Netherlands (GON) to extend bilateral assistance. 

By energizing force on such personal letter, Victor through his credentials in the GON, could arrange Dutch-Grant and supplied 5(five) FOKKER F-27 and 2(two) F-28 Aircraft for the fleet of BIMAN and accordingly BANGABANDHU inaugurated the airlines with those aircraft.

Unicorn is one of the oldest historical companies in Bangladesh and so far, its’ journey particularly in public sectors in Bangladesh is enormous.